Deputy Principal - Acting Heads of Campus Report

On Tuesday 20 November we had our Parent Information Night. This night is for the parents of Grade 6 students who will join us in 2019 as our new Year 7 cohort.

Flinn Gordon (Tyabb Campus 2014-2017) is currently in Year 11 at our Mornington Campus. Flinn spoke to our new parents about the opportunities he grasped and how he benefited from these experiences. Listening to Flinn speak to parents made us feel very proud to be part of this community. Debating is one of Flinn’s passions and his presentation captivated everyone’s interest. As parents, you are aware of the many clubs and activities that take place at lunchtime or before and after school.

As we write this article we are waiting for parents to arrive to see the great Art, Visual Design, Systems and Technology work our students are doing. We are also going to celebrate the cross curriculum integrated work our Year 8 Italian students have been involved in.

The following awards were presented:

Head of Campus Award - Visual Arts: Art Club collaborative work (Dali) Jordan Miller, Airlee Sheehan, Emma Wilkinson and Jess Sidwel 

Head of Campus Award - Technology: Asher Bouwmeester - Ukulele

Year Level Art Awards:

7 Excellence: Airlee Sheehan

7 Achievement: Natasha Di Nicolantonio


8 Excellence: Emmylou Shannon

8 Achievement: Luke Bouwmeester


9 Excellence: Anna Saunders

9 Achievement: Phoebe Billing


10 Excellence: Lucy Steinholt

10 Achievement: Laura Williams


Year Level Technology Awards:

7 Excellence: Indianah Kennedy

7 Achievement: Tom Smith


8 Excellence: Luke Bouwmeester

8 Achievement: Erika Bilic


9 Excellence: Brodie Pope

9 Achievement: Asher Blake


10 Excellence: Antony Brun

10 Achievement: Year 10 Landscape Design collaborative – Asher Bouwmeester, Benton Leaney, Daniel Limanis, Pierce Mc Sweeney-Tait, Jaea Smits, Ashton Taylor, Cody Thomas, Ranee Vornhagen-Byrne and Jock Wright-Smith.


The following awards were presented to the Year 8 Italian students involved in an integrated project.

1. Runner Up (Visual Communications Group)


Maggie CRANE

Charlize McGUIGAN

Braden LUCY


Abigail COFFEY 


2. Winner (Information Technology Group)







Term 4 is such a busy term and this year is no different. We have watched our students, your children, grow both physically and emotionally during the year. It is always a difficult time as we prepare to farewell our students as they move from the Tyabb Campus over to the Mornington Campus. This year as we prepare to farewell both our Year 9 and Year 10 students, we are confident that we have prepared them well for the new experiences ahead. We look forward to catching up with parents and friends at our up and coming assemblies and celebrations.


Rob Knight and Peter Kerr

Deputy Principal  - Acting Heads of Campus - Tyabb