Dear Parents & Students

VCE - The ATAR Score

The ATAR is an overall percentile ranking, calculated in steps of 0.05, reflecting the comparative performance of each successful VCE candidate. The ATAR is a nationally equivalent measure (e.g. a University Admissions Index of 95.00 in New South Wales is equivalent to an ATAR of 95.00 in Victoria).

Padua College VCE 2017 Results

I would like to congratulate the Class of 2017, their teachers and parents on many excellent results. 14 students received ATAR scores greater than 90, of which 5 were above 95; the highest score being 97.90

The 14 to achieve an ATAR greater than 90 were:

Natasha Albers, Danielle Attwood, Michael Conti; Nicole Corteza, Sean Cummins; Tara Dakin; Brianna Dillon, Callen Goldsmith, Nicholas Ford, Elizabeth Gordon, Aria Kirwan Zachary Marshman, Riana McKenzie; and Andrew Mikkelson.

In total, 36 students received scores above 80 which accounted for 14% of our VCE students and a total of 76 students (30%) who attained an ATAR above 70.

I congratulate Natasha Albers (College Captain 2017) as the College Dux of 2017 (ATAR 97.90).

Natasha Albers

VCE Study Scores

Study scores are assigned out of 50. They are the standardised scores of each particular subject. A study score of 23-37 indicates the student is in the middle range; a score above 37 indicates the student is in the top 15% of the cohort taking that particular study.

Students to score 45 or above were:

Student                                            Score     Subject                                                 Teacher

Danielle Attwood                             48           Legal Studies                                      Suzanne Martin

Will McHenry (Yr 11)                       47           Further Maths                                     Wayne Hardy

Riana McKenzie                                45           Business Management                   Felicity Cooney

Tara Dakin                                           45           Legal Studies                                     Suzanne Martin

Stephen Cumming (Yr 11)            45           Further Maths                                   Monique Walpole

Aria Kirwan                                         45           Psychology                                         Alanna Castelli


Christmas Hampers

My thanks to the Padua Parents’ Group for the work they have done in gathering together so many donations for the Padua Christmas Hampers. These hampers have been delivered to a number of Padua families and I extend my thanks also to all the members of the Padua College community who have donated so generously to this Christmas Hamper appear. In particular, I would like to thank the Padua College Pastoral Associate, Mary Cameron, for co-ordinating this wonderful activity.


End-of-Year Campus Liturgies

Liturgies and Assemblies were held at each campus during the final student days for 2017 last week to celebrate the achievements of our Year 7, 8 and 9 students this year. These were wonderful times of celebration, recognition and giving thanks for the fantastic year.

I congratulate all the Award winners who were presented across the three campuses at Assemblies during these past few days of Term.


Grade 6 2017 Orientation Day for Year 7 2018

Current Grade Six students who will be our new students for 2018 attended at all three campuses on Tuesday 12 December for Orientation Day. I thank our Pastoral Co-ordinators, Mr Phil Helisma, Mr Terry Luppino and Mr Rob Knight/Ms Natalie Beattie who, along with House Co-ordinators, and Deputy Principals – Head of Campus Mr Wayne Smith, Mr Stephen Veneris and Mr Paul Fairlie, worked to ensure a successful programme was in place for the Grade 6 students.



I ask all parents to ensure that the students’ uniforms are checked to ensure they are in great condition and fit appropriately for their return in 2018. Students are to return in full Summer Uniform and are reminded to ensure their hair style meets the College requirements and that personal grooming issues are attended to, including being clean shaven and wearing appropriate jewellery according to College policy. All students must bring their hats as there will be assemblies held outdoors. Students who do not meet the College policies on grooming and uniform will be removed from classes and parents asked to collect them. All students will be required to follow the Dress Regulations which includes blazer worn to and from school commencing in Term One.

In particular, girls are reminded that:

* summer dresses must be knee-length;

* mid-back band on their summer dress should be buttoned up and not tied in a knot to bring the dress in; and

* t-bar sandals must be buckled up at all times.

The only bag permitted at school is the College Bag and non-uniform items will not be permitted.


Student Departures

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all students who are leaving Padua College at the end of this year good luck for their future and I trust that they have fond memories of their friends and times here at the school.


Staffing Changes for 2018

I would like to acknowledge those members of the College community who are leaving Padua College and wish them all the very best for 2018 and beyond.

Staff finishing at the end of 2017


Congratulations to Mr Jim Palmer (M) and Krystal on the safe arrival of baby Jack last week.



I thank our priests of the region for their time and their support in what is a very busy role for them. In particular, Fr Laurie Pearson at St Thomas More Mt Eliza, Fr Ian Mackintosh at St Mary’s Star of the Sea Sorrento, Fr Joe Tien and Fr Joel Peart from St Macartan’s Mornington, Fr Michael Miles from Immaculate Conception Hastings and the Western Port Parish, Fr Bart Huynh San from Our Lady of Fatima Rosebud, Fr Peter Zytka OSPPE from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Dromana and Fr Paul Stuart from Cerberus for their Eucharistic leadership at the College as they have kindly offered their time to celebrate Masses at the College and be involved in the Sacramental Programme.


I also thank our Faith Development Team Mr Michael Harrison, Mrs Tania Grace, Mr Ange Virgona, Mr Peter O’Halloran, Mrs Mary Cameron; our Musicians Ms Anne-Marie Wilkinson, Mrs Gina Reimers, Miss Stefanie Fusco, Mr Mark Mannock and Mrs Cathy Moloney who co-ordinated the organisation and music for the many Masses and liturgies throughout the year along with our Religious Education teachers.


Office Closure

* Please note that the School Office is closed from Thursday 19 December 2017 until Monday 22 January 2018.

2018 School Commencement


We look forward to welcoming all our Staff back on Monday 29 January 2018 to undergo professional development seminars and meetings on this day as well as on Tuesday 30 January 2018.



We look forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students, and our Year 11 and 12 students, who will commence the school year on Wednesday 31 January 2018.

All other students from Years 8 to 10 will start school on Thursday 1 February (Day 4 timetable)

Any students who are new to Padua College in Years 8 to 10 will attend their respective campus on Wednesday 31 January 2018 for their Orientation Day.

Christmas Blessings

In closing, I would like to sincerely thank all families and members of our wider Padua College Community for your support for the College and our staff members this year. I wish all members of the Padua College community the very best for a holy Christmas and a safe, restful and enjoyable holiday season.

I look forward to continuing in partnership with you all in 2018.


Anthony Banks