Padua Parents

As our final report for the year, can I take the opportunity to thank all parents who have been involved in so many ways in our school community this year. In our increasingly hectic schedules, it is a continuing challenge to find time from family and other commitments to attend school events, meetings or functions, so I am extremely grateful for the time, enthusiasm and insight provided by so many of you.



Thank all the fantastic parents who have been able to attend Parent group meetings and have contributed so much to the group throughout the year.

From the minutes of our final meeting, which can be found in full on the Padua website …

*Overwhelmingly, the group indicated that the Parent Forum, the Cooking Nights and the Arthurs Seat Challenge were all worthwhile and important events and should continue into 2018.

*It was recommended continuing with the meeting structure of one “Engage, Consult and Advise” meeting and one “Organisation” Meeting per term.

* It is important that a member of the Parent Group speaks at the Year 7 Parent Information Night at the end of the year for our incoming Year 7 parents and that the Parent Group Pamphlet be put into the Year 7 Welcome Packs.

* It was decided to explore the idea of Parent Representatives for each Junior House. This could involve parents from each house offering their contact details to new families into the house each year so that these families have someone to call and ask questions.

* It was also decided to explore Social Events for Year 7 parents, campus based, in Term 1. The group thought that there should be a tea/coffee morning twice in Term 1 after drop off, and then one evening event.  The tea/coffee events could happen at a local café, and the evening session at the college. This could lead to more active support campus based Social Groups as have commenced at the Rosebud campus this year.



As part of the celebrations for Padua’s 120th anniversary, the Parent Group asked to have a speaker to assist the parent body understand the idea behind “positive education”. The keynote speaker at the beginning of May when celebrations begin will be Professor Lea Waters.

Additionally the Parent Group will arrange for Forum Panel later in the year focussing on a number of different areas, namely Emotional/Physical/Psychological Wellbeing; Sports Psychology (possibly Sue Lawrence); Nutrition (Head Dietician at Frankston Hospital).  More information will follow.



Details for meetings and events for next year will be published in the first Paduan of 2018.

Our first organistion meeting for the Parent Group will be Monday 19 February 2018 7:30pm in the Mornington Staff Room


If you would like to email me with any thoughts, questions or suggestions as we head into 2018, please feel free to do so. I’d love to hear from you

Michael Harrison
Deputy Principal: Mission & Community