Year 9 Program Update

2018 marks the beginning of the new Aspire9 Program at Padua College. A dedicated Year 9 Centre on each campus will provide a positive, creative, hope-filled learning community where Catholic values and spirit are shared. Aspire9 has been tailored to the needs of adolescents with an aim to;

* Educate the whole person,

* Build strong relationships that enhance a positive and supportive learning environment,

* Develop self-aware learners who are active in the community and the wider world,

* Foster a range of 21st century skills including innovation, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity, and

* Provide an inclusive program that engages and extends all students.

Our three key expectations of our students at Padua College are to Do your best, Help others achieve and Respect yourself, peers and your environment. We will make these expectations a real focus as we encourage our students to take greater responsibility for their own learning and make a positive contribution to their community.



Our core curriculum includes new Literacy and Numeracy courses that have been designed to fully engage our students and give them the necessary skills to move into the Senior Campus in 2019. We have developed a new course entitled myLife, incorporating the religious and pastoral programs. The course will incorporate topics such as Justice in our World, Responsibility to the Environment, Creating Hope, and Relationships with family, friends and others. In term One we will focus on concepts such as mindsets, character strengths and mindfulness and explore how we can apply these to our lives.

LITERACY LEVY NOTE: Please be aware that the Literacy course for 2018 will be funded through a $60 book levy. In term 1 2018 students will be presented with a range of texts to choose from, which will then be purchased for your child. These texts will then be the property of your child. Our goal is to enrich your child’s educational pathway with greater choice, in order to foster ownership of their learning.

Our Year 9 students in 2018 will also have the chance to select two Interest based electives. These will run over one double period a fortnight and allow our students to pursue a passion or specific interest they may have. Students will be given options and asked to make selections at the beginning of 2018.

We are also excited with the opportunities that our four Focus Weeks will offer our students. Over the course of the year students will break from their regular studies to be fully immersed in four individual week long learning experiences within their House Cluster Group. The dates for 2018 are outlined below.

Further details can be found in the Curriculum Guides on the College website 

All Year 9 students will need to have both the College Uniform and the College Sports Uniform (including the coloured House polo) for 2018. When timetables are released at the beginning of 2018, we will advise students as to which days they are to wear sports uniform. Students will be expected to present themselves in line with the College uniform policy. They will not be permitted to attend any excursions unless they are correctly attired.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind both students and parents that mobile phones can be brought to school, though they are to remain in lockers. Students are required to have a charged iPad or laptop with them at school and will be advised when these are required in class.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to make contact with us. On behalf of the Apsire9 team, we wish you a Happy and Holy Christmas and we are looking forward to an exciting year in 2018.

Mark De Fazio

Director of Aspire9

Georga Bryan

Aspire9 Mornington Campus Leader

Andrea Cummins

Aspire9 Rosebud Campus Leader

Lance Albrecht

Aspire9 Tyabb Campus Leader

Mark De Fazio
Director of Aspire9