Year 7-9 Special & Academic Awards

Year 9 Awards

Alison Carthew Award

This is presented for the purpose of encouraging and recognising leadership in the Years 7-10.  The recipient will have demonstrated consistent commitment to working with the students to fulfil their goals as students of Padua College. The award is in honour of Alison Carthew whose first appointment as a teacher was at Padua College. She died of an asthma attack in May of that first year.

Jasmine Palin, Goold 3


Music - Choir Member of the Year

Alec Boundy, McAuley 2


Documentary Film Award

Will Trist, Goold 4


Mercy Scholarship Award

Alexia Green, Teresa 3


Maths - Best in school Award & Pythagoras Award

Jamie Noseda, McAuley 4


Academic Award Winners with 7 or more awards


Year 8 Awards

Georgina Greer Award

This is presented in memory of Georgina Greer who died during her second year at Padua College, Mornington. Georgina’s love of reading and her enthusiastic use of the Library is remembered in the annual presentation of this award. This is a perpetual award offered by Georgina’s family for a student who shows Georgina’s love of literature.

Charleigh Flaherty, Anthony 2


Maths - Pi Award

Hugh Griffiths, Goold 5

Olivia Wicks, Goold 1


Academic Awards Winners with 8 or more awards


Year 7 Awards

Read Every Day Award

Tamsyn Rose, Anthony 5


Teagan Mulcair Award

In 2003, Teagan Mulcair passed away whilst she was in Year 7 at the Rosebud Campus. Teagan was a vibrant, fun-loving personality with a real zest for everything in life – sports, school and friends. In the face of great hardship, Teagan showed incredible courage and perseverance. To celebrate her life, Teagan’s family have instituted an Award, to go to a Year 7 student at Rosebud, who throughout the course of the year shows those qualities of determination, prevenance and commitment to school life.

Georgia Vowles, McAuley 1


Music - Training Band Member of the Year

Clancy Rowe, Teresa 3

Meg Noseda, McAuley 3


Academic Award Winners with 8 or more awards