Year 7-9 Special & Academic Awards

Year 9 Awards

Year 9 Academic Award Winners with 5 or more Awards

Mercy Scholarship

Asher Bouwmeester, Cardijn 3


Highest Achieving Maths Award

Lucy Hamill, Doyle 1


Completiton of Accelerated Algebra Unit


Participated in the Accelerated Algebra Unit

Devlin Webb, Cardijn 4


Spirit of Padua Award

Cardijn: Asher Bouwmeester

Doyle: Byron Lewis

Geoghegan: Victoria Van Os


Sports Award

Year 9: Balin Sonneveld,  Doyle 2


Student Leadership Awards


Year 8 Awards 

Year 8 Academic Award Winners with 5 or more Awards

Alison Carthew Award

This is presented for the purpose of encouraging and recognising leadership in the Years 7-10.  The recipient will have demonstrated consistent commitment to working with the students to fulfil their goals as students of Padua College. The award is in honour of Alison Carthew whose first appointment as a teacher was at Padua College. She died of an asthma attack in May of that first year.

Chloe Mereszko, Cardijn 4


Highest Achieving Maths Award

Joanna Mikkelson, Cardijn 5


Sports Award

Year 8: Paige Elvey, Cardijn 3


Student Leadership Awards


Year 7 Awards  

Year 7 Academic Award Winners with 5 or more Awards

Spirit of Padua Award

Oscar Rigby, McCormack 3


Sports Award

Year 7: Eboni Penny, McCormack 1


Student Leadership Awards