Year 10 Special & Academic Awards

Deputy Principal - Head of Campus Awards

The “Deputy Principal-Head of Campus Awards” are presented to a Year 10 boy and girl who have contributed to the life of the College in a positive and meaningful way. In 2012 the Rosebud Campus Head of Campus Award was renamed to Mick McLoughlin Head of Campus Award in memory of the foundation Head of that Campus.

Edward Brownlee, Teresa 4 

Victoria Attwood, Anthony 1


Kwon Lee Dow Award

This award is an academic enrichment award which is designed to support high achieving Victorian students at Melbourne University in the future. This is a most prestigious award leading to further enrichment and support from the University during the VCE years and upon future enrolment at Melbourne University for one recipient from each school across Victoria.

This year six outstanding students were nominated from the Rosebud Campus for the Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program and they were: Victoria Attwood, Harry Callaghan, Gemma Couacaud, Hayden Flynn, Aaron Langley and Monique Machin.

The selection criteria for this award was based on academic performance, leadership qualities, citizenship & community involvement.

Aaron Langley, Goold 4


ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award

Monqiue Machin, Goold 5


Ventura – Sport Awards

Davis Markulin, Teresa 5

Monique Machin, Goold 5


Performing Arts Awards

Outstanding Contribution to Performing Arts 2014-2017:

Hayden Flynn, McAuley 2

Lily Fewings, Teresa 1


House Spirit Awards

McAuley: Emily Harris

Teresa: Edward Brownlee

Goold: Monique Machin

Anthony:  Victoria Attwood   


Year 10 Subject Awards:


Academic Award Winners with 5 or more awards