Parent Page News


The Parent group met for the final time this year to review the events of the year and to plan for next year. I will put a full report including our plans for next year into the final Paduan for this year, but I would like to thank all the fantastic parents who have been able to attend these meetings and have contributed so much to the group throughout the year.

In our hectic schedules, it is increasingly harder to find time from family and other commitments to attend these type of meetings, so I am extremely grateful for the time, enthusiasm and insight provided by so many of you.

And then to see many parents today cooking lunch for our Year 10 students experiencing their first day together as Senior Campus students … thankyou!



Look out for a special report in the final Paduan which will set out plans and priorities in the area of parent and family engagement for 2018 and beyond …

If you would like to email me with any thoughts, questions or suggestions, please feel free to do so. I’d love to hear from you

Michael Harrison
Deputy Principal: Mission & Community