Deputy Principal's Report


Thank You to Year 10!

After four years Year 10 students will soon leave Inglewood Crescent. The Liturgy and Final Assembly Awards Presentation to be held on Friday morning will be a fitting end to their school year, as will the Year 10 Social at the National Golf Club in the evening. The Year 10’s last day at Padua Rosebud is a significant Rite of Passage. Year 7-9 students also share in the school experience of Friday, sensing the importance of the occasion and knowing their Rite of Passage will, in time, arrive.

Year 10 students have left their imprint on Padua Rosebud. They have offered (particularly this year) wise counsel to their younger peers when it was required and they accepted the wisdom and advice of their teachers.  It takes a village to raise every child and I thank all staff who have been involved in nurturing Year 10 students towards adulthood.  We sincerely thank their parents for supporting their sons and daughters along their journey over the past four years. When school and home use the same road map, it is far easier to navigate the terrain!

No teenager is perfect and most have ‘a moment’ or two at home or at school, yet when they have needed to stand and be counted, Year 10 students were there in numbers. Year 10 are a lucky lot! Why? Because they have had House Co-ordinators who have been outstanding mentors. I know they are grateful for the time, dedication and acumen they received from Mrs Goldsmid; Mrs Paton; Ms Cummins; Mrs Slavin and other House Co-ordinators during their time at Padua Rosebud. Year 10 students were reminded during 2017 that when life gets tough or they come across troubled times then perhaps they can think back to a peer who never gave up the good fight, who overcame adversity to achieve.

Year 10 students have been prepared well for the next stage of their educational journey. They will have much to offer their new peers at Padua Mornington. The 2019 College Student Leadership team may well have some familiar names accompanying the badge. Padua Rosebud is about nurturing leadership, developing character and understanding that Christ is always by our side.  Year 10, you have much to be proud of and much to look forward to in 2018!


Christmas Giving

Thank you for supporting the Christmas Hamper Appeal for 2017. We can all so easily get caught up in the business of the end of year that the real meaning of the season can sometimes be unintentionally misplaced. Our thanks to Mrs Goldsmid and the Catholic Action Program students for highlighting and organising the collection of donations that will be distributed to families leading up to Christmas Day.

The school year has one week to travel for Years 7-9. May every student take up the challenge in the last week of Term Four, a challenge that was set for them at the beginning of the term……..… “do a good deed, say a kind word, make a difference in the life of a peer.”

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