Deputy Principal's Report

Year 10

Congratulations to our Year 10 students who finished their exams on Wednesday 29 November and a sincere thank you to Ms Amy Beale for all her work in arranging the exams, in particular for the many reschedules and special arrangements made. We believe that a thorough Year 10 exam process will stand our students in good stead as many of them move into VCE next year. Unfortunately, many Year 10’s still do not totally understand the seriousness of exam regulations, in particular those rules regarding mobile phones and other digital technology. In VCE exams, possession of such devices during an exam (whether they are being used or not) can result in a zero score for part or all of that exam. In a previous school, I was in a position where I was asked to support a student as they were investigated for a (seemingly) minor VCE exam breach. The student had continued writing after the call of “cease writing”, and it became a very costly exercise with the involvement of lawyers on both sides. The integrity of exams is important and all governing bodies treat them as such. I am hopeful that genuine errors such as these are not repeated in the senior years.

On Thursday 30 November our Year 10 students have their Year 10 -11 transition day and I wish them well as they familiarise themselves with the Senior Campus and their new classmates. Finally, on Friday 1 December our graduating Year 10’s have their final awards assembly and liturgy followed by the Year 10 social. We look forward to seeing all our well-presented students at the Mornington Racecourse. Needless to say, all the College’s usual expectations regarding student behavior apply equally to this night.

Year 7-9

Our final week of school finishes with a bang rather than a whimper. Our now traditional Cluster Carols takes place on Tuesday 5 December. Many thanks to Mrs Gina Reimers for all her efforts in ensuring that Christmas cheer is included in our final week.

Thank you to our House Co-ordinators for ensuring the finish to 2017 is celebrated in style on Wednesday 6 December with House celebration days. Year 7-9 students will complete their classes on Friday 8 December with a final liturgy and awards ceremony.

Wishing you all continued blessings and a happy and holy Christmas. 


Stephen Veneris
Deputy Principal | Head of 7-10 Campus Mornington