Year 9 Child Development

The Year 9 Child Development class at Mornington Campus had a visit from various mums, dads, grandparents and their children on Friday 17 November.

Our Year 9 students spent close to 1 ½ hours with the children, playing games, reading, dancing, singing, drawing and running around! They were observing motor skill development in the children, as well as types of play and language development. Many thanks to Susanne Latrobe, Andrew Sambell, Bree Colcott and Jan Dennis for organising their family members to come and join us – they students really loved the visit.

The following week we had a visit from Leanne Power (mum of Abbey Power, Year 9 Mannix) discussing her career as a midwife and maternal health nurse. The students and I thank Leanne for the fantastic session she prepared for them, and for the icy poles that she kindly brought in on such a hot day! 

Jackie Roser
Child Development Teacher