HPV Report

On Thursday 23 November, the Padua College HPV team set out to Maryborough, Victoria, for the annual RACV Energy Breakthrough. The RACV Energy Breakthrough is an event which schools participate in to come up with new and innovative ways of saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. We raced two vehicles - Nigel in the Open Class Category and Sneaky in the C Class Category.

The two vehicles had to undergo a safety check known as ‘scrutineering’ to show that the riders understood the vehicle and how to operate it, as well as ensuring all the safety requirements were met. Both teams had to give a presentation to a panel of volunteer judges. The riders of Nigel based their presentation on the TV show, The Bachelorette, while the riders of Sneaky based their presentation on a parliament sitting. Both presentations were of a very high quality and were successful in making the judges laugh.

Later on the Friday, the pit crew and the riders got a practice run to ensure the pit changes were fast and seamless, and the riders were able to come more familiar with the vehicles during time trials. The time trials are put in place to decide where the teams start on the grid during the actual race starting on the Saturday.

For the next two days, if you didn’t have to do anything, you could take it easy and relax. The main 24 hour endurance race started at 1:00pm on Saturday and would continue through to 1:00pm on Sunday. Both our teams put in a terrific effort. Some riders who had never ridden in a HPV before blew everyone away with the lap times and number of laps they were capable of doing. Not only did the riders do us proud, but the pit crew put in a terrific effort in ensuring riders were in and out of the vehicles quickly.

This year, Nigel achieved a result of 103rd overall and 27th in its class with a fastest lap time of 3:11.7. Sneaky achieved a position of 106th overall and 6th in its class. Both teams made a tremendous effort in the event and can safely say they gave it their all. Unfortunately though our team this year farewells Edward Church (Year 12) and we wish him all the best for the future. We hope to see him again next year when the HPV team returns to Maryborough.

Thank you to Mr Luppino, Mr D Colcott, Ms Gauci, Mr Noonan, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Noonan and former Padua students Ben Hill & Abby Hanson, for making it possible for the team to participate in the event and making it a great year.

Written By: Jamieson Guy-Toogood Year 11, Francis