Vice Principal's Report

With the final VCAA exam completed on 22 November, time now for many will stand still as we await the ATAR results released on Friday 15 December. This day will see the Careers Office open for any student who wishes to seek further advice on future pathways. Once again, we wish all students who are waiting nervously for their results all the best if using the ATAR to pursue further study.

Friday 24 November brought to a close the 2017 academic year on the 11-12 Campus. All Year 11 students celebrated with an end of year liturgy and an academic assembly. Also taking place were 2018 VCAL preparation activities and 2017 VCE Exam analysis classes. The liturgy was a beautiful reflection on the year completed around the College theme of ‘Pardon’. Heartfelt thanks to Tania Grace for her work in ensuring that school liturgies continue to be driven and centred on student involvement. The academic assembly at the end of the day was highlighted with in excess of 50 students being presented on stage with a range of academic excellence awards, sport awards and scholarships for the 2018 school year. To have so many parents and grandparents in attendance highlights the wonderful community that is Padua College. Congratulations to all students who were recognised at this assembly as it highlights the work you have done in 2017 and provides a perfect platform for your studies in 2018. A list of all award winners is found on this page.

Transition Day on Thursday 30 November brought to Mornington the Year 10 2017 students from our three campuses, who will become the graduating Class of 2019. It was exciting to have all 403 students together as they started their transition into the Year 11-12 Campus. House and Homeroom allocation were announced on this day and students spent time meeting the many new faces that make up the Year 11-12 Campus. We warmly welcome all students to the campus, particularly the new students from other schools who will be joining the Padua community in 2018.

The focus now on the Year 11-12 Campus turns to preparing for the 2018 school year. With new courses being offered in 2018, teaching staff are using this valuable time for course writing and planning to ensure that from the first day back in 2018 (Wednesday 31 January) we are ready! House Co-ordinators are working feverishly in planning for the Year 12 Retreats which will be run from Monday 5 - Wednesday 7 February. This is a compulsory activity for all Year 12 students. More detailed information will be sent out during January.   

I take this opportunity to thank all staff, students and parents for your continued support in 2017. Be safe in the holiday period that is soon upon us, remembering to look out for your friends and family at this time. Christmas is a time of significance and importance in our Church calendar in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The message we hear at Christmas is one of ‘peace and goodwill’ to one and all. May this message be part of your Christmas and the years ahead we continue to live out the meaning of Christmas.

I wish you a happy and holy Christmas followed by a New Year full of promise and contentment.

Curtis Stone
Vice Principal | Head of 11-12 Campus Mornington