Transition to Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) Year 7 2018

After considerable feedback as a course of the College’s Annual Action Plan, consultation from staff and students, as well as ongoing discussions with parents, partnership primary schools and other secondary schools, we have implemented a Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) Program for Year 7 2018.

This is different to a BYOD Program in that the school nominates a limited number of devices. This is considered more manageable from a Learning and Teaching perspective while still maintaining household choice in terms of platform.

Throughout 2018 Padua College is implementing a CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) model for electronic devices beginning with our 2018 Year 7 students. Students will have the opportunity to select either an Apple MacBook Air or a Dell Lattitude 3180 or 3380. As 2018 is a transition period Year 7 2018 families still have the option of maintaining their current Primary School device.


Please note students currently in Years 7-11 are not required to change their current device. However, if Years 7-11 2017 families are needing to replace their child’s current iPad the options are:

 1. iPad

2. MacBook Air

3. Dell Lattitude 3180 or 3380


Furthermore, please note that the BYOD Program remains unchanged for Years 10-12 in 2018.


This is entirely optional for Year 7-11 2017 students and the opportunity to switch devices will remain open throughout the coming years.


Families have the option of using the Parent Portal with CompNow or a computer retailer of their own choice. This Portal enables families to select a variety of models with varying specifications. Please note the base device is expected to be adequate for most students in Years 7-9. This will to allow families additional choice as well as provide opportunities to upgrade and/or for Senior Students should they wish to. 


Microsoft Office give away

Please note that Microsoft Office will be available from the College free of charge to all students at the commencement of the school year. Families are advised not to purchase this software in advance. Students will be assisted in downloading the necessary software.


Further information regarding the 2018 CYOD devices is available at:


Kelly McGurn
Vice Principal – Learning & Teaching