Deputy Principal's Report

Year 10

The students begin their Semester Two Exams next week. Following the exams Year 10 students will experience a Transition Day at the Mornington Campus on Thursday 30 November and enjoy their final day at Padua Rosebud on Friday 1 December with the celebration of a Liturgy; Final Assembly and Social Evening at the National Golf Club.

Year 10 students have championed many causes this year and be can justly proud of their leadership and commitment to good humour and building community. It is important to remember that Year 10 students are not adults; they do not have the maturity of a Year 12 student yet when they step up, they deliver and these young people can feel proud of their contributions to Padua Rosebud in 2017. They have at times showed a maturity beyond their years because it has been required in their roles as Campus leaders and they have not disappointed. May their final two weeks be joyous in memory and may they continue to deliver good leadership and role modelling for their younger peers, which have been two of their many strengths all year.

In reference to Year 10 it is important acknowledge the wonderful support, counsel and role modelling the group has received from their House Co-ordinators during 2017.  Mrs Goldsmid (Teresa); Mrs Paton (Anthony); Ms Cummins (Goold); Mr Slavin (McAuley) and Mrs Tyler Term 3 (McAuley) have nurtured wisdom and given themselves selflessly to the pastoral education of Year 10. If the class of 2017 conuintue to heed their advice into the future, each and every Year 10 student will have moments in their lives of reflecting back to words of wise counsel they received.


Well done Tamika

Congratulations to Tamika Buckby who was a member of the local Broadway Academy Mornington who were selected at the Junior Theatre Celebration Australia in Newcastle NSW to join an Australian All Stars group to visit America in 2019. This group has been invited to go to New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles in January and will experience Broadway Performers, Broadway shows and Broadway auditions.  This achievement says much about this young lady’s drive and even more about the passion of her teachers!

Perhaps it’s the end of year or the coming of summer, but there are lots of happy teenage faces around Padua Rosebud at present.  May the remaining weeks be an enjoyable time for all.


PS: In greeting the students from the car and buses on Tuesday morning the Uniform was magnificent. Thanks Year 7 to 10!

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