Dear Members of the Padua College community

Year 9 Camps

I once again wish to thank Mr Phil Helisma (R), Terry Luppino (M) and Rob Knight (T) for their organisation of the recent Year 9 camps; along with all the staff who attended the camps as well as those who stayed back at school to ensure the remaining year levels stayed on task. From all reports the students had a wonderful time.


Year 8 Urban Camps

Last Term, students from the Rosebud and Tyabb Campuses attended the Year 8 Urban Camps and this week students from the Mornington Campus will be participating. My thanks to Mrs Jackie Roser and Mr Andrew Sambell for their work in preparing these tours for the students. This is a great opportunity for the students to explore our great city and for them to represent Padua College in the public arena (as usual, our students did this exceptionally well).


Grade 6 2017 Parent Information Nights for Year 7 2018

There are Information Evenings scheduled for Parents of Year 7 2018 students at all campuses.

* For students attending Rosebud Campus, the Information Night will be held TONIGHT Thursday 16 November, at 7.30 pm at the Rosebud Campus.

* For students attending Tyabb Campus, the Information Night will be held on Tuesday 21 November at 7.30 pm at the Tyabb Campus; and:

* For students attending Mornington Campus, the Information Night will be held on Thursday 23 November at 7.30 pm at the Mornington Campus.

It is not expected that students attend these evenings. Students will be able to learn more about the College when they attend their Orientation Day on Tuesday 12 December at each of the campuses.


The Arthur’s Seat Challenge

Padua College has a strong involvement in driver education through its involvement with the ‘Fit to Drive’ programme that aims to reduce the road toll on young drivers and in its support of initiatives such as the VicRoads’ Keys Please sessions. Part of the fundraising for much of the local schools’ community education in the ‘Fit to Drive’ campaign comes from the Arthur’s Seat Fun Run. This event was held last Sunday 12 November and I wish to congratulate members of the Padua Parents’ Group for their work in running the barbeque and marshalling on the day.

The Arthurs Seat Challenge is an important event on our school and community calendar. Since 2002 the challenge of running or walking the 6.7km course up Arthurs Seat has been a fixture on the Mornington Peninsula calendar. And it is for a very important cause supporting the ‘Fit to Drive’ program at Padua and in other schools which educates our young people to be safe and responsible drivers. It sets out to save lives, and I am sure it has done just that over the past 15 years. This year the College had a team of 49 members and ranked as one of the largest teams by participation. We were once again successful as the fastest team and I wish to congratulate the following student participants:

Lachlan HODDER


Samuel ELVEY










Angus ROSS






Clancy ROWE













Kristin BLIGHT


Aidan LANG

Mikaela BARBER

Lauren GREEN



Thanks also to Rosebud Campus students, Alex Roberts and Max Fammartino who provided music for participants on the way up the mountain with their busking.

I would particularly thank the staff who came to assist in cooking and serving the Padua BBQ brunch at the top of the mountain. A huge effort from Mrs Kirsty Miller, Ms Christine Mose, Mr Steve Veneris, Ms Ange Inserra, Mrs Tania Grace, Ms Maddy Budge, and various members of their families, co-ordinated by Mr Michael Harrison, who gave up Sunday morning to help the Padua Parent Group led by Liz Murgia and her band of parents. Thanks also to Mr Scott Chapman who arrived with the BBQ and shade at 7.00am, and came back to pick it up at event’s end.


Year 10, 11 and 12 Exams

Year 12 exams continue over the coming weeks and Year 11 students also commenced their exams last week. Good luck to all students who are undertaking these very important formal assessments.

“O-Week” for Year 11 students commencing Year 12 in 2018 this week and continues until Thursday 23 November. Following this on Friday 24 November there will be a Mass and the Year final assembly in the Girolami Centre.

Year 10 Exams commence on Friday 24 November until Wednesday 29 November. On Thursday 30 November all current Year 10 students will be at the Mornington Campus for the Year 10-11 Transition Day and then Year 10 students will celebrate their final day, liturgy, Awards Ceremony and Social Evening on Friday 1 December.


2018 School Commencement

All staff will resume at the College on Monday 29 January 2018 and will undergo professional development seminars and meetings on this day and Tuesday 30 January.

Year 7, 11 and 12 students will commence on Wednesday 31 January 2018 (Day 3 timetable). 

All other students from Years 8 to 10 commence on Thursday 1 February 2018 (Day 4 timetable).

Any students new to Padua College in Years 8 to 10 attend their respective campus on Wednesday 31 January 2018 for Orientation Day.

House Patrons

In continuing the focus on House patrons, we are reminded of one woman’s life work to assist other women and their children to move from their poor uneducated circumstances to a better life with the anniversary of the death of Catherine McAuley on 11 November.

Catherine McAuley

On 12 December, 1831, Catherine McAuley, with two companions one of whom was Anna Maria Doyle, made religious profession in the Presentation Convent of Georges Hill, Dublin where they had spent the previous year of the novitiate. On that day Archbishop Daniel Murray formally blessed the first Convent of Mercy at the House of Mercy in Baggot Street which Catherine had built with her foster parents' legacy and opened in 1827. He appointed Catherine as superior and a month later received as the first Mercy novices seven of Catherine's helpers who had worked with her from the beginning.

Catherine's concept of a Religious Institute included an availability for ministry not typical in that era. Feeling themselves called to serve Christ as the needs of His poor demanded, and encouraged by the Archbishop, Catherine and her companions took as their special works the instruction of poor girls, visitation of the sick and the protection of distressed women of good character. The 'walking nuns', who were without the usual strict enclosure, and whose convents quickly became part of many dioceses, inspired local girls to see and meet local needs, causing the new Institute to spread rapidly.

By Catherine's death in 1841, there were ten houses of Mercy in Ireland. In the ten years of her religious life, twelve autonomous foundations of Sisters of Mercy, all following the same Rule, had been established in Ireland and England.

Mother Catherine McAuley

Taken from:

Anthony Banks