Sydney Active

It was a 6am start on Monday morning for us on the bus. The people on our camp instantly clicked, people slept, we watched movies, and others talked all the way. As the sun came up we made it to our first rest stop. In a few hours we crossed the border into New South Wales, the group got louder and the music played the whole way. When we finally made it after 13 hours, it was 7.30pm but we were in Sydney, we crossed the Harbour Bridge at sunset, an absolutely breathtaking start.

A slightly less early start came on Tuesday, boot camp started that morning, and after we all had breakfast together like one big family. Then we headed off into the water, kayaking was our first activity, beautiful weather. Friends laughed as they fell in, others jumped in, no matter how you chose to kayak it was hilariously fun. After we headed to Manly beach, enjoyed some food, then went to the Opera House. We followed our guide into Concert Hall, he opened the doors and we took a seat on the original chairs looking over at the stage. The ghost tour that night was Halloween and very scary and insanely fun.

As we woke on Wednesday we all knew it was Blue Mountains day, which meant amazing views and stunning scenery. We got to Scenic World and got on the scenic railway which was straight down, so there were screams but mostly of joy. There was lots of walking but ask anyone who went, it was all worth it, the mountains were gorgeous. Once we made it to the cable car we got
lifted to the top, the Three Sisters just across the trees and the blue haze across the mountains. The mistake of looking down was made by many, it was extremely high but there was this feeling of freedom in the air.

Thursday morning meant Taronga Zoo, the moment we got there all the Sydney camps mixed and people ran in all different directions. The view from the Giraffe enclosure was breathtaking. We headed for the chairlift that goes across the zoo, and the view from up there was double what the one from the ground was. After was Sydney Harbour Bridge, we walked across, got to the pylon, and stories were told of the building the bridge but the highlight was the observation deck at the top. After dinner was trivia night, which had funny challenges and lots of laughter, cheering, and even a magic trick.

Friday brought mixed emotions. At the airport we reunited with the other Sydney camps, we got boarding passes then ran straight for the food. We landed in Melbourne and some sadness set in, although we all wanted to go home nothing would compare to the time we spent in Sydney.

A word from some of the Sydney Active group:

"Did lots of great activities including harbour bridge, zoo, beach activities, opera houses, blue mountains, manly beach, ghost tour and lots more. I met lots of new friends/people whom were all really kind and friendly. The Sydney Active camp would have to have been one of the best camps I've ever been on."- Jehd Wood.

"I wasn’t looking forward to it, I admit. But I went along relentlessly. I thought it would be a bad camp and a waste of time. Well now I say, it wasn’t totally that. The adventures we went on, the inside jokes we made, the talking to people and making new friends was awesome. I thank the school for letting me have this chance."- Taylor Macdonald.