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Year 7 Religious Education: A Letter to Australians

Year 7 classes have recently been exploring the New Testament as part of Our Story theme. We looked at the Gospels, The Acts of the Apostles and lastly the Letters. The students investigated the structure of the Letters before attempting to create one of their own.

The letter below was written by Hayley Lark a Year 7 Teresa Student.








From Hayley, a faithful student of our Lord Jesus Christ:

Dear Australians,

I am Hayley a follower of Jesus our Lord, I am sharing instructions the Lord has given me.

The Lord says be kind to all, even those who go against God’s word. Never judge them, always respect them, as they are also God’s children.

Jesus will one day return, just be kind and patient while you wait. Live through hard times and disputes with optimism and light as God will protect you. Have faith and courage to live through times of distress and worry.

God will protect and love you even through the darkest times.


Timor-Leste Immersion 2018

Once again we will have an intrepid band of 8 students and three staff members heading to Timor-Leste next year to experience life in a majority world country and to visit the various Social Justice Projects supported by some of our houses throughout the college.

The students attending are:

Victoria Attwood

Harry Callaghan

Hayden Flynn

Tessa Houlihan

Monique Machin

Emma Marshall

Emily Nottingham

Grainne Snooks

They will be accompanied by Anthony Barnhoorn, Samantha Vinson, and a student from our last trip, Sophie Hall.

We wish them well in their preparations.

Michael Harrison
Deputy Principal: Mission & Community