Vice Principal's Report

The Year 11 and 12 Campus is well entrenched in exam mode. With the VCAA exams concluding on the 22 November this will have seen 453 students (comprising 320 Year 12 students and 133 Year 11 students) sit exams in 37 different subjects as part of their Unit 3 and 4 assessment.

With most exams contributing 50% of the overall study score for each subject the importance of preparing effectively over the years prior is crucial for all students. I am sure that when the final exam concludes that a collective sigh of relief will come from the 2017 graduating class of Padua College.

With ATAR results released on Friday 15 December, we wish all students who are waiting nervously for their results all the best if using the ATAR to pursue further study.  The common piece of advice year in year out to Year 12 students is that those students who set solid study routines and used class time effectively in Year 11 and earlier, enabled them to deal with the pressure of completing their Year 12 studies.  This serves as a timely reminder for the Year 11 cohort who have just finished their Year 11 exams and begin work for 2018.

As the exams come to a close we have moved swiftly into 2018 Orientation preparation for all students studying Unit 3 and 4 subjects in 2018. This jump start allows for all students to spend a complete day gathering a clear understanding of what the subject demands are, assessment requirements and holiday homework. It is imperative that this day, spent with the specialist teacher, is used to put their best foot forward. The work that is set to be completed on return for 2018 will provide the basis of the first assessment that traditionally is in the third week of Term 1. We warmly welcomed the 105 current Year 10 students who earned the privilege to study a Unit 3 and 4 subject in 2018 through their outstanding academic achievement in 2017.

Thursday 9 November was the Year 11 VCAL Celebration Day. With beautiful weather on hand the students spent the day at the beach in Mornington, involved in a range of activities which highlighted with the ability to use the stand-up paddle boards made by the class. A significant amount of planning and development from the students, under the guidance of Dave Colcott, brought to life the paddle boards that all students can look back and acknowledge they contributed to their construction. In organising such a day I must again acknowledge the outstanding work of Katrina Greenwood in ensuring that the day was a complete success and a terrific way to finish the VCAL year.

As we near the end of 2017 the planning for 2018 is well underway. Each of the four Houses on the 11-12 Campus will add an eighth homeroom to cater for the increased number of students that is part of the growth coming from the Tyabb Campus. Shortly, all parents of Year 11 and 12 2018 students will be receiving important information that outlines key dates and reminders of expectations of being enrolled into the Year 11-12 Campus for 2018. This information will also be communicated to the students to ensure that we as a community are all hearing the same message and can continue to support each other.  

As always, I encourage all parents to continue to be active members of the Padua community, engaging in conversation about what topics are being studied in class, keeping abreast of upcoming events and making contact with a subject teacher as needed.

Curtis Stone
Vice Principal | Head of 11-12 Campus Mornington