Arthurs Seat Challenge

The Arthurs Seat Challenge took place on Sunday 12 November and our goal as a team was to try and defend our title as the fastest team, and push towards the largest team award. Happily, we can report that our numbers grew from 36 last year to 49 this year so the momentum is building. According to the results page we were in fact the largest school team (ahead of Rosebud SC who had 45 and Elisabeth Murdoch who had 44) however we assume the largest school award must be calculated using only student runners, since Elisabeth Murdoch College was presented with that award.

Fortunately Padua College won the “fastest team” award for the 2nd straight year. Although we won this award comfortably in 2016, and despite having an even faster average time this year, we had some very stiff competition from John Paul College who came 2nd. The fastest team award is calculated by taking the average time from each team’s fastest 5 runners, and we beat John Paul College by only 2 seconds – Padua College 32:23, John Paul College 32:25, so training will start even earlier in 2018!

Our students were a credit to Padua College and were exemplary in the way they conducted themselves. They were on time, they were prepared, they encouraged each other and hung around after to cheer on those still finishing. We had students of all abilities attending, either running, walking, or a combination of each! It was great to see the blue and yellow team colours and the sense of community.

A massive thank you to all who competed; staff, students and parents, and in particular to the staff who have built this into a big day on the Padua calendar. The staff who came to assist in cooking and serving the – now traditional – Padua BBQ brunch at the top of the mountain put in a huge effort. Thanks to Kirsty Miller, Christine Mose, Steve Veneris, Ange Inserra, Tania Grace, Maddy Budge, Anthony Banks and various members of their families (apologies if we have forgotten someone) who gave up Sunday morning to help Li Murgia and her band of parents. Thanks to Scott Chapman who arrived with the BBQ and shade at 7am, and came back to pick it up at event’s end.

Included here is a list of the students who competed - congratulations to all on a job well done!

Lachlan Hodder, Noah Crosling, Samuel Elvey, Will Hodder, Joshua McCabe, Marcus Harter, Jackson Guy-Toogood, Jess Guy-Toogood, Ethan Roberts, Marcus Shaper, Luke Birchall, Angus Ross, Lucas Donazzan, Paige Elvey, Ashton Taylor, Max Vercoe, Zeke Gray, Clancy Rowe, Luke Bouwmeester, Asher Bouwmeester, Hunter Taylor, Kirrally Gardiner, Ellie Rogers, Keenan Tilley, Grace Hodder, Matilda Shannon. Liam Keur, Caitlin Bouwmeester, Kristen Blight, Alkira Barber, Aiden Lang, Mikaela Barber and Lauren Green.

By Michael Harrison, Vice Principal: Mission & Community and Luke Tyrell