The Third Annual Great Tyabb Bake Off

The Third Annual Tyabb Bake Off: Round 1, Year 7 & 10

Our theme is 'A chocolate pairing'

This is round one only - no winners announced yet. We have another round next week. The Year 7 & 10 students that participated in Round 1 were:

Year 7's

Jordyn Weatherley - she made chocolate brownies with a twist- served in wine glass.

Bille Wing Smith & Paisley Thomson who made - Chocolate Banana Bread

Adam Houben who made - Blueberry Cake with a white chocolate drizzle

Samuel Elvey who made - Chocolate Lemon Dessert

Maddi Hallpike & Ally Harris who made - Red Velvet Delight

Imogen Nastasi & Olivia Klose who made - Mocha layered cake

Giselle Northcote & Jordyn Burns who made - Chocolate Honeycombe Cake

Ignatz Blacker & Hamish Scharper who made - Chocolate Ginger Fluff Cake

Amy Bryant & Hollie Bertram who made - Triple Choc Swirl Cake with raspberry drizzle


Year 10's

Lauren Cross & Tea Van Den Broek who made - Chocolate Mousse with mocha glaze


A big thanks to everyone who supported the third Annual Great Tyabb Bake Off, as you can see the students had a great experience and produced some incredibly sophisticated baking!

Thanks to staff members Cait Wedd, Michele Fatchen and Kelli Cook, and to those who volunteered to judge, especially Mark Fancett and Nicole Love.

We are now looking forward to the next round!


Helen Sugameli
Food Technology Teacher