Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

VCAL Presentation Evening

Our VCAL Presentation Evening on Thursday 19 October  was a vibrant occasion, featuring outstanding displays and speeches by Year 12 VCAL students and our VCAL student leaders (Milly Smith, Calin MacLennan). Calin and Milly addressed the audience, explaining some key benefits of a VCAL program: flexibility, real world learning, community connections and student engagement.
Year 11 student displays showed the planning and organisational aspects of community projects which focused a Clean Ocean film, recreational program for people living with a disability and a serenity garden for Padua College. Also on display were stunning paddle boards produced by Mr Dave Colcott’s Year 11 VCAL students and high quality nesting boxes made by Mr Paul Barton’s class.

The highlight of our evening was the “Stand for Ben” Campaign presentation by Ms Deborah Arrowsmith’s Senior Personal Development Skills class. The presentation evolved on the night as the beautifully restored Stand up Paddle Boards, by James Greenwood and Luke Dugec, were auctioned via eBay with Ben and the students watching the final bidding.  Before students presented Ben with a huge mock cheque, a moving film by student Will Faska highlighted Ben’s need for a Stand Up wheel chair and explained how and why they became involved. He also touched on the students pledge to raise $5000 for Ben but time became an issue as they started their campaign in the second week of Term 3. Pride was bursting from all students as they handed over a cheque totalling $2140 with a few in the audience moved to tears. At the end of the presentation, some parents told of how they had been moved by the students’ passion and wanted to know how they could help. Vanessa Attard vowed to take it to the management at her work and by Friday Blue Scope Steel had donated $3000 so that the students could realise their pledge. After informing her students of their success on Monday morning, Ms Arrowsmith exclaimed “No job in the world could beat teaching VCAL”.


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Timor Leste Fund Raising Lunch

Staff shared a delightful fundraising lunch on Monday 16 October hosted by our Year 12 VCAL students. Function Managers, Taylah Williams and Jay Thomas, planned and organised the preparation and service by their team in an exceptionally professional manor. All proceeds from the lunch go to the Senior School Houses Timor Leste Outreach programs.

These programs support: St Dominic Savio Girls Orphanage, Mackillop East Timor Foundation, McAuley Care  (supporting women affected by domestic violence) and Bercoli Catholic Primary School.

Will Hanns and Dean Rodgers ensure tables are well presented.


 Taylor Griffin shows how her extended training has paid off.

James Greenwood and Luke Dugec define exemplar team skills when they plate up their Butter Chicken.

Staff who were personally invited by individuals from the Senior Student Team who had been influenced by their teaching.

Liv Alford ensures patrons are smiling.

Elisa Attard and Kelsey Hayes prepare impeccably organised and tantalising fruit platters.

Taylah Williams, Liv Alford, Tamika Dyble, Holly Taylor discuss delivery.

Matt Elvey and Will Faska concentrate on creating a delicious Bruschetta starter.

Taylor Griffin and Imi Stewardson concentrate on perfecting exquisite sushi rolls.


Jay Thomas and Dustin Broadhurst monitor their Neapolitan sauce and pasta main.


Katrina Greenwood
VCAL PDS Teacher