Trocaire Award Winners

Maddison Duesterhaus

Year 11 John XXIII

for settling into Padua as a new school and taking up all opportunities offered.


Jacob Benoiton

Year 11 MacKillop

For supporting the Year 12 students in their recent music exams and performances.


Alexia Green

Year 9 Teresa

For always adhering to the uniform policy and her dedication to her schooling.


Zorg Blacker

Year 8 McCormack

For taking part in extra-curricular activities and being part of the champion SIS Debating Team.


Miki Looker

Year 10 Romero


Amy Parker

Year 10 Romero

Miki and Amy are generous with their time and their talents, both at school, and also in programs

outside of school which assist younger students in field of Performing Arts.