Mental Health Awareness Week

In week 8 of Term 3 saw the Mornington Campus mark Mental Health Awareness Week. This was put in place to promote awareness and to tackle stigmas around Mental Health.

Many activities took place over the week, which included, mindfulness meditation session in the Ursula Frayne Centre, colouring in mandalas in PACA and we also recognised R U OK Day. 

On the day, warm milos were shared by staff and students to start conversations and check-in with friends. These activities showed us how we could tackle stress and how we can reach out to friends in difficult times. Leaders also distributed emoticon badges to promote “Padua Positivity” to others and also their friends. We also created a Gratitude Wall. 

Students during PACA were asked to write and decorate a gratitude tile outlining what they were grateful for in their lives. Many students responded with things such as friends, family, school, meals and access to activities like sports. These small posters were put on display in the library. These show us how we should stop from time to time and appreciate the little things in life and focus on the positives. In future years, we hope Mental Health Awareness Week can grow with more activities and help improve the overall perception of mental health issues and reaching out to others.

Take the time to check in with friends and family and see how they are travelling by asking one simple question... R U OK?

 Written by: Ryan De Ruyter, Year 10 Mannix and Megan Perry, Year 10 Frayne