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Positive Mental Health for our children:

The reality is that statistics for mental health are quite alarming and are continuing to rise. Many factors impact in today's world and our children are growing up in a very different world to us.

Statistics on the Resilience Project website state that one in seven primary children will experience a mental illness. The statistic for teenagers is one in four will experience some form of mental illness with 65% of them are unlikely to seek any help. For adults, one in five will experience a mental illness.

Whilst these figures are very challenging, we also believe there are strategies we can use to prevent mental illness. In other words we wish to seek a proactive approach and perhaps together we can explore and learn strategies that support our children toward positive mental health. Schools and parents have one major thing in common….we both want the best for our children. In working together we have a much better chance of achieving this.

The Western Port Cluster are hosting a Parent Forum on Thursday 9 November at Padua College Tyabb titled Positive Mental Health for Children . The evening will commence with tea and coffee from 7pm and we welcome our guest speaker Dr Di McGreal from 7:30pm. Stalls from each of our four schools and a community group promoting SPOTA will be assembled for parents to talk and seek resources from 7.00pm until 7:30pm.

Di has spoken at several Padua and cluster events and has always offered some great strategies and support. She is always entertaining. The focus of Di’s talk will be on looking at mental health and exploring ways to support our children and ourselves. This years theme is seeking positive mental health by building and nourishing our relationships.

We are aiming our evening at children from around Year 3/4 to Year 7/8. We invite parents from all Padua campuses and our local community to come along and share in this informative community event. Admission is free and tickets need to be secured through .

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact Anne-Marie Houlihan at 


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