Year 12 Academic and Special Awards

The entire College community came together in an assembly on Monday 23 October, to farewell the Year 12s and to experience a sense of celebration, aspiration and leadership.

2017 Year 12 Dux of Subject and Special Awards were presented. We are thrilled to acknowledge and congratulate each of the following students for their awards:

Year 12 Dux of Subject:

The following student received Dux of Subject in 4 areas:

English - Natasha Albers

Italian - Natasha Albers

Mathematical Methods (CAS) - Natasha Albers

Philosophy - Natasha Albers


The following students received Dux of Subject in 2 areas:

Literature - Andrew MikkelsonPhysics - Andrew Mikkelsonsic Performance - Chloe Kirkpatrick

Outdoor & Environmental Studies - Chloe Kirkpatrick

Legal Studies - Danielle Attwood

Specialist Mathematics - Danielle Attwood

Psychology - Jack Knox

Visual Communication Design - Jack Knox


The following students received Dux of Subject in 1 area:

Accounting - Michael Conti

Agricultural & Horticultural Studies - Shaye Niall

Art - Laura Ricciotti

Arts in the Spirit - Rebecca Landman

Biology - Natasha Tait

Business Management - Shannen Fowler

Catholic Action Program - Sophie Clinch

Chemistry - Brianna Dillon

Chemistry Extension - Zachary Marshman

Computing: Software Development - Stephanie Sagolj

Drama - Sienna Espie

Economics - Jamon Niemann

Faith and Life - James Beard

Food Studies - Aysha Lee-Conway

Further Mathematics - Stephen Cumming

Geography - Lauren Hall

Health & Human Development - Georgina Hyde

History: Revolutions - Killian Doyle

Media - Chelsea Tendeson

Media in the Spirit - Lauren Ranisavljev

Music in the Spirit - Matthew Clark

Peace and Justice - Tara Dakin

Physical Education - Callen Goldsmith

Product Design and Technology, Textiles - Alana Lee

Product Design and Technology, Wood - Christopher Roberts

Religion and Society - Kathryn Barrett

Studio Arts - Emma Marshall

VET Music - Oskar Proy


VCAL Awards:

VCAL Literacy - Jayden Thomas

VCAL Numeracy - Taylah Williams

VCAL Personal Development Skills - Taylor Griffin

VCAL Excellence in Training - James Greenwood

VCAL Excellence in Work Placement - Holly Taylor


2017 Special Awards

ADF Long Tan Award Natasha Albers

Mick McLoughlin Art Award Millie Ross

Tyler Shaw Memorial Award Tamika Dyble

VET Susan Lash Award Lucy Callaghan

Melanie Holden Surfing & Academic Award Meg Hamill


Year 12 Music Awards

Senior Musician of the Year Oskar Proy

Senior Musician of the Year Lewis Fitter


Year 12 Sports Awards:

Male sportspeople of the year – Jack Barry and Jack Crawford

Female sportsperson of the year – Bridie Kennedy

Sports achiever of the year – Bridie Kennedy