SIS Debating

The Tyabb 1 Team performed exceptionally well and were declared the overall winners of SIS Debating (Junior). The SIS Grand Final was held at Woodleigh on Thursday 12 October. The topic was: that the use of animals in sport should be banned. Congratulations to Daniel Gamble, Tate Ascott, Byron Lewis and Zorg Blacker for defeating Cornish College and winning the debate by one point!

Daniel, Tate, Byron and Zorg have shown tremendous team work and commitment throughout this year and should be very proud of this result. These students attended every meeting, worked hard on their arguments and supported each other when required. It is wonderful to see these students rewarded for all their hard work.

It has been a pleasure to coach the Tyabb debating students and I hope they continue to have a successful debating career in 2018.


Kellie Spicer