VCAA Exam Time for VCE Students of Unit 3 & 4 subjects

For VCE students one of the key events on the VCE calendar is exams. For students studying Units 3 & 4 subjects the exams cover content from the whole year and contribute significantly to the calculation of study scores and ultimately an ATAR that may assist with entrance into tertiary courses.  


Year 12 Unit 3 & 4 Exams

The VCAA Written Exam period for Unit 3 & 4 students runs from Wednesday 1 November until Wednesday 22 November.


Students are expected to attend all exams.  Please read the extract below from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority VCAA on the importance of exams that are considered a graded assessment.

Not achieving graded assessments may limit a student’s options for further training, study and work. Students should be encouraged to attempt all graded assessments.

VCAA Administrative Handbook 2017.


Reschedules of VCAA exams are not permitted. Any absences must be for serious illness or occurrence of an injury or personal trauma for students to be eligible to complete an application for a Derived Exam Score.

If students are not well on the day of the exam, they are still encouraged to attend, please advise Mrs Taylor if this applies as information is collected and can be submitted to VCAA outlining this. Contact should be must be made with the school via email


Students should be well aware of the timetable for VCAA exams. A link to the VCAA website is also attached for your reference. Please take careful note of dates and times of exams.


The VCAA VCE Exams Navigator outlines the approved materials for each exam. Once again please review and ensure students are aware of the expectations and approved materials for each exam:

Students have received a hard copy of this as well.


On the back page of the VCE Exams Navigator are details about the 2017 VCE Results and ATAR Service. This provides information on how students can access their results on Friday 15 December 2017.


ALL students are expected to sign in for exams in Room MS-1 30 minutes prior to the start of exams. If students are running late they are to contact Belinda Taylor at the school via email or phone 59760100.


All the best to all with Exam preparations and exams.

Belinda Taylor
VCE Curriculum Co-ordinator