This is the blessing from parents that is prayed for our Year 12 graduates at the Valedictory Mass.



You are our daughters and sons, our family.

On this night, marking the completion of your secondary studies, we thank God for you.

 May the breath of God bless you in your waking

And joy be the song of each new morning.

 May the vision of God guide you in your living

And wisdom be the compass for your path.

 May the Word of God inspire your writing and speaking

And truth be the light of all that you say and do.

 May the hand of God give energy to your creating

And beauty be the result of all that you fashion.

 May the fire of God kindle your sense of justice

And hope be the light that you burn for others.

 May the tears of God comfort you in your sorrow

And tenderness be the shelter for your weeping.

 May the heart of God free you in your loving

And love embrace those whom you cherish and befriend.

 May the arms of God enfold you in your sleeping

And God’s peace encircle you at the ending of each day.

 We ask all these things for you, in Jesus’ name.


Michael Harrison
Deputy Principal: Mission & Community