Faith Matters

I only seems like yesterday that we were starting the year off, and here we are in Term 4 about to say farewell to our Year 12 graduates at their Valedictory Mass and Awards Dinner. We wish them well as they complete their classes and head into the important time of ‘swotting’ for their exams.


Throughout this term we will highlight some of the wonderful work of our students in Religious Education. One of the key challenges in R.E. is to take the wisdom of the Catholic tradition and make it relevant to students’ lives. An example of this is the idea of stewardship of God’s creation that our Year 7 students explored in Term 3. I will let the students take up the story of two different projects …

Last term in R.E. we were given the challenge to create an environmental stainable plan of action. We chose the beach but we had to build on that so we were thinking about how much rubbish actually gets to the bin before the sea. The fact is there is unbelievable amount of rubbish on the beach. We then narrowed it down to the Rye foreshore. On Saturday 7th October we had a beach clean at the Rye Pier. It was such a wonderful experience meeting a few new people from the community. Everyone had such a good time picking up rubbish, even the dogs. It felt so good to be making a difference even if was little. We did this through Peninsula Earth Warriors, a small organisation run entirely by kids, and our R.E. environment project. We will be continuing these beach clean ups every fortnight along the Rye Foreshore. We hope to make this world a clean and safe place for animals even if it is one tiny step at a time.

Written by: Billie Diamond and Lila Wills (Rosebud Campus - Teresa House)


For our Religion Project we decided to organize a beach clean-up at the Rosebud Foreshore. We created some advertising material to encourage others to participate but we only received one other helper. Despite this we pressed on with our plan.

On Friday 6 October, the last Friday of the holidays, we headed down to the Foreshore. The four of us spent about an hour picking up 5 bags of rubbish. It felt good doing it as many people stopped and congratulated us on the job we were doing. One local business man even offered us a free lunch. Whilst we felt good about our effort we were quite annoyed by the amount of rubbish that was there in the first place.

Written By: Baylee Kool, Harry Trapman and Rebecca Spear (Rosebud Campus)




For what we are given.
For being mindful of what we are given.

For those who grieve and those who celebrate.
For those who remain grateful in the face of everything.

For the assembly of words that links us together.
For individual speech that becomes speech shared.

For the transformations a written page may effect in us.
For those who pay attention.

For the teachers who gave us the chrysalis of language.
For the comrades of the heart who left us signposts.

For the parent who gave us the one ethic of discipline.
For ourselves who may take discipline to heart, and not resent it.

For the second chance that is the writing down.
For those who know that half of poetry is silence.

For the language of breath, and the breath that is prayer.
For those who wake to light, and know the depths of sacrament.

For this common meal, and us who bow our heads and partake.
For those who remember that "so be it" is also written.


Nicholas Samaras (1954 – )

Michael Harrison
Deputy Principal: Mission & Community