Roesbud Athletics Day

The weather bureau was accurate in its prediction and the rain came early, lots of it overnight! The track held up with the sandy track base and drained like soup through a strainer.

After a slightly gloomy morning and a drizzle of rain (as predicted) the cloud cover lifted and the sun began to shine on us. Anthony House jumped out of the blocks early and headed off to recess with a glimpse of hope for an upset win. But it soon became evident that this event was down to a two team race between Goold and Teresa. McAuley managed to get off the canvas and finish a creditable third……are they back? The scores ebbed and flowed as the result sheets came in and it all came down to the relays in the end. Teresa the triumphant winners by 11 points.

The Sports Leaders and Staff in Houses did a terrific job to encourage and maybe even passively persuade students to enter events. Staff on duties went about their tasks with minimum of fuss and put in the extra yard to make it all come together. To the students that participated on the day, hats off to everyone for the spirit, enthusiasm, competitiveness, sports etiquette and cooperation shown.

Brad Byles
Sports Co-ordinator Rosebud