Deputy Principal's Report

Flying High

A former student in a previous school up north, Andrew Cook was one who quietly went about his school day. Andrew was not one to boast about his achievements although he was an elite swimmer and blessed with a beautiful style in the pool. I remember Andrew as a polite student, one who worked hard and tried his best. Andrew did his homework, completed his assignments on time and discarded the attitude that near enough was good enough. Like the many training laps and PB’s Andrew’s attitude washed onto his school life. Andrew’s parents (like any parent) wanted the best for their three children and he received a caring and tough love upbringing. Andrew lived true to his family values, a student who cared for others and did not big note himself.

Back in 2009 I was watching Carlton V’s Sydney Swans on TV and thought I recognised Andrew on the sidelines.  Sometime later I heard that it was Andrew and that he was at the time a physio for the Sydney Swans, flying around the countryside attending to the players’ niggles and strains. What a life! The lap of luxury I thought. Fancy that, Andrew being so young and having such a privileged career. How did he score such a role so quickly?

A few years later (2012) I did not see Andrew on the TV with the Swans. Perhaps he was having a sabbatical or had moved on from the Swans. I was told that Andrew was now a husband and father decided he did not want to be away so often, so began his own physio practice in Sydney. Was there anything special about Andrew Cook? Not really but what I didn’t know was that, behind the glamour of TV screen appearances, Andrew was working two jobs during those years so that he could offer his services (free of charge) to the Swans to gain that elite hands-on experience. I was also told that such was the respect of Andrew’s advice that he often diagnosed an injury for coach Roos before a player had arrived at the interchange bench. 

Very rarely in life does one receive the silver spoon treatment. Our students at Padua Rosebud are often reminded of what you can achieve if you are motivated and willing to do the hard yakka. Andrew Cook? You reap what you sow.



We have had a number of new students begin at Padua Rosebud this term. A newly enrolled student commented, “The students are so happy and friendly to me.” We expect no less for any (student or staff) who join the campus. At the very least our students know they can be smile and care… and they do.


Small Shoes for Small Feet

Thank you to our student body for their willingness to support The Little Steps Fundraiser this Friday to raise money to purchase shoes for the East Timor Orphanage that Padua adopted and bi annually visits to support. The leadership shown by Victoria Attwood and Paris Dimitropoulos reminds us that it is in giving that we receive.


The Resilience Project

There were many parents and College staff who took the opportunity on Wednesday evening to listen to Hugh van Cuylenburg, Founding Director of the Resilience Project. The RP focuses on mental health - resilience; positive self; gratefulness; empathy and a healthy mindset for people both young and old. I will emailing a letter home to all Padua Rosebud families on Hugh’s presentation and some reflections on changing times.


Enrolment Interviews

Over the past month there have been many 2019 enrolment interviews. Parents understandably want their sons and daughters to be well educated but more importantly they want them to be good people. Some things never change.  

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