Deputy Principal's Report

Tyabb Students are Always Rising to the Occasion

During the past fortnight, Tyabb students have been engaged in an array of fun filled adventures with incursions, excursions, guest speakers and performances. These opportunities are part of the rich fabric of quality that characterises a Padua education. Classrooms have changed over recent years with teachers working as both instructors and facilitators of learning. With technology at their fingertips, students have immediate access to knowledge but still need to develop and acquire the skills required to apply this knowledge in specific situations. The role of the teacher has changed. Building and maintaining relationships and encouraging young people to take risks with their learning are hallmarks of good teaching practice in the modern age. At Padua Tyabb we are indeed extremely fortunate to have well qualified staff whose enthusiasm for their craft and willingness to engage contemporary methodology in delivering courses, contributes to student engagement and leaves students buzzing about their learning during and after classes.

This year’s Book Week theme – Escape to Everywhere conjures an image of relaxing in an armchair or tucked up in bed consumed by an absorbing narrative. Congratulations to Ms Kellie Spicer and Ms Gina Thompson for their work in the Tyabb Library. The space is always beautifully adorned with images, displays and stimulating material designed to encourage students to read and access library offerings. This term in English classes, students have been encouraged to build their literary experience through Literature Circles and studies of classics like To Kill a Mockingbird and Romeo and Juliet. Studying the film text of these enhances the learning experience and parents are encouraged to watch these at home. It is always good to hear that parents are reading the texts that their children study in secondary school. This generates discussion at home and encourages a closer connection to the study of the text at school.

The remaining weeks of Term 3 are very important. As the warmer weather and longer days rekindle the memories of summer, students awake from their own winter slumber. As the excitement of football finals and end of term holidays beckon, it is essential that students remain focussed and interested in their school work. Maximising class time and relishing opportunities such as the Year 8 Urban Camp help to build academic character. Students are constantly challenged to set the bar high for their own benefit, aiming to achieve the best result possible and seeking assistance as required are measures of resilience as a learner and maturity as a person.

Our Padua Tyabb students are exceptional ambassadors.

Paul Fairlie
Deputy Principal | Head of Tyabb Campus​