Units 3 & 4 Trial Exams

Wednesday 4 October (during 2nd week of Term 3 Holidays) – Tuesday 10 October

Important preparations for the end of year VCAA exam assessments are completion of Trial Exams. The Trial Exam period begins on Wednesday 4 October (during the 2nd Week of the Term 3 holidays - Friday 6 October) and through to Tuesday 10 October.

Trial Exams are compulsory as they are an important measure teachers use to form Indicative Grades required by VCAA. VCAA define the primary purpose of these indicative grades as follows: used in the quality assurance procedures for marking the external assessments. They assist in identifying possible anomalous marking of individual scripts. Indicative grades will also be used in the calculation of the Derived Exam Score (DES).

During this Trial Exam period many students have commitments relating to studies and exam preparation that they would like to attend to during this time. I would encourage students to attend student lectures and workshops on exam preparation and for those students doing University Chemistry for example you may have commitments at Monash in the last week of holidays. These are considered authorised absences, however students will need to still complete the Trial Exams and ensure they are available to complete all of the exams during this time.

Important points to note:

* If students have a clash they are to sit the longest exam at the scheduled time and sit the shorter exam in their next available exam session. They can email a preferred date and time for the reschedule to btaylor@padua.vic.edu.au

* Students will be required to sign in for exams 30 minutes prior to the start time. This is the case for all VCAA exams and will occur in Room MS-1.

* If a student has been granted Special Exam Arrangements they will sit all Trial Exams in the Special Provision Room MS-15.

* Students must sit in the allocated seat for the exam. A seating plan will be made available via school email and also on the Exam Noticeboard on the windows outside the Senior Campus Staffroom.

* If you are having transport problems or running late please email btaylor@padua.vic.edu.au or call Padua Reception on 5976 0100.

* There will be no further opportunity to sit Trial Exams outside the scheduled Trial Exam Period

* All VCAA Examination Rules apply for the Trial Exams. Please refer to the VCE EXAMS NAVIGATOR, to be given out in Homeroom, and pay close attention to approved materials and equipment. A reminder that Mobile phones and other electronic devices capable of storing, receiving or transmitting information are NOT permitted in the exam room.

*Full school uniform must be worn for all Trial Exams.

Attached is a PDF of the Year 12 Trial Exam Timetable. Students can also access a PDF file to print on email and have access to hard copies from the Senior Campus Office. It is also available on the Padua College website here: http://www.padua.vic.edu.au/teaching-and-learning/exam-timetables.html

I wish students all the best in their exam preparations.