STAND 4 BEN Campaign

STAND 4 BEN Campaign

As part of the Senior VCAL Community Issues Outcome, we have focused on ‘One Punch’ crime and the impact it has had on our communities.

Through the SCOPE Balloon Football program, our class met one punch victim, Ben Thompson. Ben is 32 years old and at the age of 22 was left with a severe brain injury which changed his life forever. He went from being independent and in charge of his life to being dependent on others for everything he does.

Since his brain injury he has been working hard on his Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech Pathology, and due to his efforts he has learned to speak, eat, and to use a computer. He now wants to stand.

Ben recently trialed a stand-up wheelchair that allows him to stand up and move about whenever he likes.

This means Ben can stand to speak to people, and can do tasks such as use an ATM. In Ben’s current chair, people look over his head to his support worker as he is always sitting. Standing also means that Ben can be on his feet as often as he wants so his bones get stronger, his breathing and speech improves, his skin is safer from sores, and all of his internal organs function better.

However, the stand-up chair costs $40,000, and his funding organisation ‘Slow To Recover’ can only fund half of this, leaving Ben $20,000 short. He is hoping to raise the funds for this stand-up chair, which will change his life.

Our Senior VCAL class is aiming to raise $5,000 for Ben from various fundraisers within the school to help him achieve his goal, including a sausage sizzle on Tuesday 22 August. Further information can be found on Ben’s Gofundme site


Imi Stewardson

Senior VCAL

Both Senior VCAL Classes with Ben