Sustainability at the College

Recycling boxes have been placed in each Mornington Campus homeroom, thanks to the organisation of the Sustainability Team, in particular the special efforts of Mrs Julie Barnhoorn and Kane Walker (Year 9 Frayne). It has been fantastic to see the recycling boxes being used as we continue to strive to reduce our wastage of materials. The popularity of the reusable mugs available at the library has also been awesome, with students choosing to use these instead of polystyrene cups.

The Sustainability Team met recently to put forward their ideas in the drafting of Padua's School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP), which will outline our goals in becoming a more environmentally-conscious community. Students discussed strategies to be more efficient in terms of energy, gas, water, paper and waste, and to enrich our school's biodiversity. Great progress has been achieved on this extensive document, thanks to the hard work of Mrs Barnhoorn. 

The JSC and School Captains have also continued to work on finalising their designs to decorate the bins, as seen in the photo.

Natasha Albers

School Captain