SIS Book in a Day 2017

Students from across the campuses came together for an entire day to collaborate, write and illustrate an original narrative of approximately 6000 words. To some this may seem like a simple task. However, add in 5 random keywords, two character descriptions, a predetermined plot setting, a specific theme as well as 8 hrs from start to publishing and that is SIS Book in a Day.

The Padua Tyabb library was the welcoming host venue for this year's competition. Ms Spicer had stocked the library with all the essential materials to fulfil the day's challenge successfully including the all essential lollies to enhance the students’ focus and motivation.

Promptly at 9am, Ms Gabriel Norris from SIS Cultural events, revealed the prompts to the eagerly awaiting teams. It was then that the brainstorming began in earnest and the beginnings of different plots began to emerge. As the characters took shape and the narratives grew in length the contents of the lolly bowls decreased. The 5pm deadline came all too rapidly and, despite technical difficulties, all three Padua teams successfully submitted their book complete with illustrations. The teams now wait to hear feedback on their book and how they have placed.

Congratulations to all teams and their teachers for such an engaging and rewarding day. A highlight was seeing the students embrace their individual roles and their associated responsibilities yet also function as a disciplined team despite only meeting together that morning. Perseverance conquers all!


Ms Andrea Cummins and Ms Sinead Ryan

Team: Isabella Bisogni, Kate Farquhar, Hayden Flynn, Caitlyn McCrabb, Ruby McPherson, Madeline Scharpenack, Katherine Spear, Olivia Wicks


Ms Kellie Spicer

Team: Hamish Schaper, Austin Cousins Earle, Luke Birchall, Nathan Derix-Brown, Tate Ascott, Isabelle Turner, Keely Smith and Grace Crank


Ms Georgia Nixon and Ms Amanda McDonald

Team: Nikita Hilbert, Tirion Jones, Ava Leppitsch, Sicili Mule, Rebecca Shute, Jacinta Palancian and Patrick Nagle

Kellie Spicer