Story about Argus the Dog!

On Thursday 10 August, the Padua Tyabb community gathered for our annual Athletics Carnival. It was an enjoyable day, where many of our students showcased their vast sporting talents. However, something very sweet happened amidst the running, high jumping, shot-putting etc. A gentle giant French mastiff by the name of "Argus" ran around the track, appearing to be lost.

Thankfully, a group of savvy Year 8 girls came to the rescue, taking it upon themselves to care for Argus by finding him a "lead", fetching him a big bucket of water, giving him lots of cuddles and attention and calling the number on his collar. Although it took the better part of an hour to reach the owner, the girls did not leave his side.

I watched with great pride as Aleea showed great maternal instincts towards Argus, a concerned Phoebe brainstormed contingency plans along with Claire and Giulia, Asher patiently called the owner with her own mobile phone, while Nicole and Zara firmly maintained order and calm. The owner could not  have been more grateful when she came to the track to retrieve Argus (and the girls reluctantly handed back their new friend). I was so proud of the maturity and sense of responbility demonstrated by each of these girls and it reinforced for me what a fantastic community Padua is and how lucky I am to be a part of it!

Alana Balassone