Deputy Principal's Report

Religion and Spirituality

There are experiences that are treasured and experiences that lead to enlightenment, opening our eyes and minds beyond what the news and social media can feed on a daily basis. The Year 10 World Religions excursion last week was one such experience of enlightenment that provided students with a different view of the world they normally experience. It was a privilege to be with the students on our visits to the Ahmadiyya Muslin Mosque at Langwarrin; the Sikh Church at Keysborough and the Medicine Buddhist Temple in Frankston South. It is important for students to know and understand that the Catholic Church respects others religions and their historical traditions. In our Catholic traditions we bless ourselves before entering the Church and genuflect before entering a pew. Muslims and Sikhs remove their shoes, with the Sikhs washing their feet before entering their holy space... there is purpose and reason in religious expression that is held in symbolism. At Padua College we know that collectively the holistic nature of the Catholic Faith brings ritual, tradition and symbolism into a true reality. The World Religions excursion deepens the Year 10 students’ understanding of their Catholic faith and gives an intellectual sense to what we do and why we do it, within the broad brush of life experiences.

Our students were respectful, interested and appreciative of the representatives of these three religious communities giving up their time to talk about their beliefs; their way of life and how similar they are in the simplicity of wanting to be good people on this earth. Good values and morals are the foundations of life. The Muslim Imam (spiritual guide) Janud provided a succinct summary of Muslim beliefs and the historical links with Jerusalem. Jasbir Singh provides on overview of why members of the Sikh community (after baptism) always cover their hair and discussed other important ways of living their life as a Sikh. Dorothy Szendei a follower of Buddhism and who teaches Mindfulness Meditation spoke of the simplicity of Buddhist beliefs. Year 10 students experienced a different religious context and the experience provides them with a more informed understanding that, like other religions, our Catholic faith has meaning and purpose in its own rituals and traditions. The students understand that all religions have symbols and rituals peculiar to their historical contexts and that all religions also endeavor to adapt to a changing global environment. Thank you Year 10, it was a pleasure to share the experience.

2018 Subject Evening

The Year 8-10 Subject Information Evening was well supported by families. Parents and students were informed of the future learning pathways being established for Padua students as the College adapts to a changing working world. Thank you for the families who attended; there was much positive feedback of the evening.

From the Corner Room

Most mornings Year 7-10 students receive an email from me to begin the school day.  The email hopes to inspire young minds to reflect on what really matters. Sometimes there is a need to remind about Campus expectations and that the world does not revolve around teenagers. The emails also remind our students that it is not the Campus and families that magically turn them into great people, it is their own actions. It is the standards of home and school and, more importantly, it is in their heart-filled greetings to each other day by day that build a strong and caring Catholic School community.

Surely, the cold of winter is passing!

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