Deputy Principal's Report

With all Year 12s fast approaching the end of their time at Padua College, we begin to move into the part of the year where more formalised support is given to this cohort in looking at life outside the gates of Padua for 2018 and beyond.

Last Thursday this group were involved in an information session delivered by our outstanding Careers Team that focussed on Tertiary Application procedures, Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS), Scholarships and more. This now has all the students in a position to start to plan for their next step in life. Combined with their individual careers pathway interview, all students are now in a fantastic position to make informed choices. These sessions were run in conjunction with the annual ECAT Expo last Thursday evening, where Universities and other Institutions were on hand to answer any questions from parents and students about courses they provide. A great night for the many that attended - it was a very informative and helpful insight into planning for the future.

Many students this time of year can see themselves at the crossroads of their Year 12 studies. What we encourage all our students to do is persevere with their studies, consolidate or create the study habits required to be their best and make the most of the many opportunities that still remain to earn the marks they can achieve. What is being reinforced to all students is that they still have access to over 50% of the marks for each subject. For most subjects the exam is worth 50% of the subject score so every moment they make a wise choice can only benefit them further.

There are many additional learning enhancement sessions that are run by staff from a variety of learning areas that help consolidate and enhance the wonderful teaching that is alive in the classroom. There are posters around the school which give specific details and I encourage you as parents to ask your child about these sessions. This poster has been sent to all Year 12 students.

The Year 11 students are now in the process of locking away their subject selections for 2018. This process in completed online and will form the timetable that we offer in 2018. It is essential that when these subject choices are made that they are made in consultation with the right people. Discussions with classroom teachers, parents, current Year 12 students and the careers team will help make an educated decision that best sets them up for success in 2018. This is due on Friday 18 August.

As always I encourage all parents to continue to be active member of the Padua community, engaging in conversation about what topics are being studied in class, keeping abreast of upcoming events and making contact with a subject teacher as needed.



Curtis Stone
Vice Principal | Head of 11-12 Campus Mornington