Faith Matters

Welcome again to ‘Faith Matters …’.

We have been celebrating our Australian Church (Red) Houses throughout this past fortnight.

When we developed the house structure we thought it important to recognise key figures in our own Catholic Church here in Australia. Some of them are towering figures in Australian history and others less well known. But all are inspirational patrons to each of these houses.

Students and staff in each house developed their house crests, banners and mottos. Here are the mottos of the five houses, either direct quotes from the patrons or reflections on the qualities shown in their lives …

McCormack: Effective action is a way of loving

Goold: Build in hope and faith

Chisholm: Together we can achieve more

Mannix: Live the courage of your convictions

MacKillop: Never see a need without doing something about it


Padua celebrates 120 Years of Catholic Education on the Peninsula

We are already beginning to plan for the 120th anniversary of Padua College next year. It was in May 1898 that the first students were enrolled by the Mercy Sisters to be educated at their newly purchased property in Tanti Ave Mornington. It will be wonderful to celebrate and give thanks for the many students, staff, parents and families, chaplains and others in the wider community who have contributed to our marvellous journey. Please keep an eye out on this page, and on the Parent Page for way that you can be involved.


Reflection for the week

Last Sunday we celebrated the Feast of the Transfiguration – that moment in the Gospels where a group of apostles see a glimpse of the glory of the divine in the face of Jesus. Sometimes we can think that this is about the divine Jesus only and so has nothing much to do with the apostles then, or ourselves today. The following reflection challenges that …

In the face of the transfigured Jesus, the disciples saw not only who Jesus was, but what humanity is created to be.

Over a hundred years ago the Blessed Anthony, a Russian Orthodox prelate, preached about this feast, saying that the goal of the Lord’s revelation was to persuade his followers that they too are to shine with the beauty of God’s life and love.

Blessed Anthony told his listeners to look around them, to see people who had been transformed. He told them to notice in their faces, their eyes, their tone of voice, their action that which is infinitely blessed.

Mary M. McGlone

Think of one person in your life story who has shown you possibilities beyond those you thought possible. Who is a person who has transfigured life for you in ways that allowed you to be a better version of yourself.