Trocaire Award Winners

Megan Perry

Year 10 Frayne

For outstanding contribution to music in the Beauty and the Beast production and for her support of Frayne fundraising events.


Austin Cousins-Earle

Year 7 Doyle

For his outstanding leadership in Year 7.


William Atta

Year 7 Assisi

For dedication to all aspects of his schooling and for being an excellent leader by example.


Niamh Spalding

Year 11 Francis 3


Ciara Darrer

Year 11 Francis 3



Alicia O’Brien

Year 11 Francis 3



Lily Bursey

Year 11 Francis 5



Siobhan Stephan

Year 12 Francis 5

These Fab Five Francis girls stepped well out of their comfort zone to participate in the recent Indigenous Immersion trip to the Warralong Community School in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia. They really embraced this wonderful opportunity to be involved with the school community and were superb ambassadors for Padua College.


Isabella Bisogni

Year 10 McAuley

 For her inspiring speech on the evolution of the Australian identity in her English class and excellent achievements academically in all her subjects. Isabella is Vice Captain for McAuley House and is an inspirational role model to the younger students.


Tamsyn Rose

Year 7 Anthony

For her caring and compassionate way that she approaches and works with other students.