Family Schools Partnership Newsletter

Shared Learning is one of the key objectives of Family School Partnerships. We recall that students spend around 1000 hours per year in school and around 5000 hours at home.

At Padua College our children are required to undertake homework and study. As parents we can support that learning in many ways. We can talk with our children about what they are currently studying and encourage them to make good use of their time and create a suitable space for them to undertake their studies.

Most of our children do not naturally have skills that create good study habits and these tend to be learnt over time. The following resource offers some great topics and ideas to teach strategies for good study techniques. Encourage your child to take a look and have a look yourself. The portal has some excellent articles and revision activities. The company is called Elevate Education and the student portal can be found at 

Learning happens everywhere and being positive and supportive about learning is a great support to your children. Research overwhelmingly supports that these students perform better.


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