Wellbeing and Mental Health

Following are some dates set aside for events designed to help us understand wellbeing and mental health for staff, our students, parents/carers and the wider community. Please mark the following dates in your diary.

Monday 7 August

Headspace Presentation for Parents

6:00pm Mornington Study Centre, Mornington Campus

Session designed to present information for parents and carers regarding how to deal with adolescent responses to grief and trauma as well as some general information around mental health indicators. (for parents and carers only- not appropriate for students to attend, should you wish to attend and need to bring your child/ren please contact Sally Buick at the College to arrange availability for student access to other spaces in the College)


Wednesday 23 August

PARENT FORUM - Hugh van Culenberg - ‘The Resilience Project’

7.00pm Ursula Frayne Centre, Mornington Campus

This is a FREE presentation organised by the parent group. The evening will include practical strategies that parents can use in order to help support the development of a resilient child at home. His presentations are highly engaging and entertaining. To find out about how parents can help build resilience and positive emotional wellbeing in our children, please join us and make a booking (seating limited - see Paduan Parent Page for further details). BOOKINGS: 



Following is a list of books centred on the idea of wellbeing and mindfulness:

  • Practising Positive Education; A guide to improve wellbeing literacy in schools
  • Capturing Mindfulness: A guide to becoming present through photography
  • Activity Books- positive approach to resilience and wellbeing
  • The Happiness Trap
  • Positive Education
  • A Primer in positive psychology
  • Meditation Capsules
  • The Brains Way Of Healing