Padua Sailing Team – 2017 Report

This year the Paduan Sailing Team competed in two School Sailing events. The first of these was the “Girl Sail” event at Davies Bay Yacht Club. Padua was represented by Grainne Snooks and Sophie McKenzie. The girls competed in a ‘Sprint Sailing’ format in a Pacer which is a 2 handed dinghy. Crews from various schools rotate through a round robin competition of high frequency and intensity with racing lasting 8-12 minutes. The girls showed amazing sportsmanship producing some great results and made many friends with other girls along the way.

The second competition was the “School Teams Sailing Victorian Championships” held at Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. The team consisted of Mackenzie and Zac Heyes, William and Sophie McKenzie, Jayden Horsburgh and Nicholas Jurovic. Once again the sailors competed in Pacers but this time under a ‘Teams Racing’ format. This is a round robin completion where two teams of three race to try and achieve a winning combination of places – the lowest score wins. The scoring system is usually: 1st place – 1 point, 2nd place 2 point and so on. A team that scores ten or less is therefore the winner, so that 2nd 3rd 4th beats 1st, 5th and 6th.

Congratulations to the team, which achieved remarkable success winning the ‘State Titles’ in the Intermediate division.

We look forward to sailing again in 2018.

Megan De Lange
Sailing Team Coach