Faith Matters …

Welcome to this first ‘Faith Matters …’ page.

Up until now in the Paduan much of our reporting and reflection on issues to do with Religious Education, social justice, liturgy and prayer, and other activities related to the Catholic inspiration and mission of our college has appeared in the various campus reports, and you will continue to find some of this material in those reports. But we do want to bring together and celebrate all that we do in our Padua faith story in one specific place each week – and this page is that place!

In speaking to a group of Catholic educators, Pope Francis said … “True education enables us to love life and opens us to the fullness of life.” We hope in these pages you will see and perhaps find some inspiration in the ways our students are exploring the fullness of life inspired by the Gospels and in relationship to the person of Jesus.

Padua celebrates 120 Years of Catholic Education on the Peninsula

We are already beginning to plan for the 120th anniversary of Padua College next year. It was in May 1898 that the first students were enrolled by the Mercy Sisters to be educated at their newly purchased property in Tanti Ave Mornington. It will be wonderful to celebrate and give thanks for the many students, staff, parents and families, chaplains and others in the wider community who have contributed to our marvellous journey. Please keep an eye out on this page, and on the Parent Page for way that you can be involved.

Padua Immersions

The college runs an immersion for senior students each year to either Timor-Leste or an indigenous community in Australia. The intention of these immersions is to give students the opportunity to experience the life and culture of these communities, and to bring their experiences back to share with everyone in the Padua community.

At the end of Term 2 we ran our first indigenous immersion, with students and staff going to live in the Warralong school community in N-W Australia. Great thanks to our Social justice Co-ordinator, Bernadette Young for organising the immersion and staff members Tania Grace and Peter Harte for accompanying the students.

Watch this page in coming editions for our students’ reflections on their experience.


Reflection for the week

We will still have our Paduan Prayer included with the Principal’s Report, but on this page we will offer perhaps a more challenging or thought-provoking reflection for our community. This is the first …

Just a Little Difference
Ah—a resting place,
where we come to understand
it is not required of us
to wrestle constantly and passionately
with our God—
nor pursue relentlessly
all God's decrees as we understand them,
but only that we listen and wonder
and hope and pray,
that we might, perhaps,
make just a little difference,
one quiet grey day.

Edwina Gateley, There Was No Path So I Trod One (1996)