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Wespac Maths Space App:

Often parents struggle with helping their children with their maths homework. Most parents don’t have particularly happy memories of learning maths at school and now find themselves in the situation of trying to help their children.

Today's Maths curriculum is also quite different to our own experience and whilst schools continue to support the importance of learning tables, how to add, subtract, multiply and divide there seems to be far more emphasis these days on Maths in a real context often relying on investigating or problem-solving a situation. Just because it looks different, doesn't mean it has to frighten you and no school would expect parents to know the Mathematics curriculum. Our schools would ask that you support your child in their learning and I am delighted to share with you a new website to help with supporting Maths learning at home.

Maths Assistance for Home:

Westpac have launched a free online service to help children and families with Mathematics in the home. I have signed up and trialled several levels of the website to see what it was like. I was connected for about an hour and I have to say that it appears to be very good and incredibly user friendly for both children and parents.


Go to Westpac and on the front page of the Westpac website scroll down to the bottom right box that talks about Mathspace Essentials. Enter that box and it is very easy to follow the instructions from there. I like how it gives Australian Curriculum and it has specific choices for the Victorian Curriculum. I trialled some of the Primary levels as well as the Secondary levels and I got my daughter who is in Year 10 to look at the Year 10 curriculum. I am a former secondary Mathematics teacher and it is fair to say I got excited! (Sad but true…) The curriculum is broken into individual topics and if the child can’t do the question then it gives line-by-line instructional solutions and online videos explaining the concept. There are lessons and worked examples given for each section also.


I see that there is also some incentive for parents to sign up and get a Westpac bank account and earn money for their child. I didn't look at that and I would be interested to hear feedback from parents and those that do sign up as those participants are offered more mathematical services. The package I reviewed said it was free and I hope I didn't miss any catches... I also watched a sample of a few videos that were uploaded on a variety of topics. There seemed to be an enormous range of videos with simple instruction. I was very impressed and have to say I have never seen a learning tool for Maths that comes near this. Take a look and consider signing up. Good luck.

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