Jack Moore - Class of 2015

Jack Moore- Class of 2015 (Kolbe and John XXIII Houses)

I’m Jack Moore (Class of 2015 - Kolbe and John XXIII Houses) giving you an update on what I'm doing at the moment. I am studying first year Bachelor of Business at the Monash Peninsula Campus and working part time at the ANZ bank in the city. Last year I completed a Diploma of Business Administration at Chisholm.

I have recently been lucky enough to be given a Guide dog and his name is Spencer. He was sponsored by Public Transport Victoria and is named after Spencer Street in the city. It took me over a year to get Spencer as I was on a waiting list and then undertook 5 weeks of training before taking him home. This involved staying with Spencer in Kew for three weeks and then two weeks of training at home. He sleeps on the floor at the end of my bed.

He has been a wonderful addition to my life. He has increased my mobility skills and allowing me to be more independent. He has helped me with a seamless transition into University life, along with the help of Aaron my instructor from Guide Dogs Victoria. Spencer will be retired at the age of 10 and he will then become my pet. I will then be eligible for a new guide dog.

I regularly catch up with friends from my Year 12 cohort and have strong friendship with them. A student from the year above me at Padua is in my course and drives me to Uni on a Friday. I am still using some of the technology that was purchased during my years at Padua; my laptop and PEARL scanner have been very useful for my studies at University.

I was very glad to see my old teachers today at Padua and look forward visiting again soon.

Jack Moore, Year 12 Class of 2015