Trocaire Award Winners

Paige Elvey

Year 8 Cardijn

For always making positive contributions to Cardijn House.


Bethany Hansen

Jess Laity

Alexandra Philip

Emily Potter

 Year 11 John XXIII

Indigenous Immersion students. 

Going out of their comfort zones and embracing a challenge successfully.


Flinn Gordon 


Annaliese Cole

Yr 10 McCormack

For being continuing role models for academic achievement.


Elise Harrington

Year 10 Mannix

For being a good role model and mentor to new students.

Being a compassionate and Caring Person. Contributing to PaCa and Classroom management.


Tanisha Bell

Year 8 Teresa

For her care and concern for her fellow students at the Rosebud Campus.


Eliza Pittard

Year 11 MacKillop

Great all- rounder who is always positive and a role model to others.


Jessica Hayes

Year 7 Goold

For her excellent approach to her studies and support of her classmates learning.