Shrine of Remembrance Excursion

Rosebud Campus Year 9 History classes visited the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne on Wednesday 21 June, where we were given a tour of the WWI Museum. We saw one of the boats that landed on the beaches of Gallipoli and saw many different kinds of uniforms worn during the war. We learned about some of the incredible people who fought in the war, including Victoria Cross recipients and strategically brilliant generals. We participated in a small remembrance service in the Sanctuary and each added a poppy to the wall near the entrance of the building.

The Shrine of Remembrance is an important place not only to Melbournians and Victorians but to all Australians. It was a place to go and grieve those whose bodies were not returned home and it is now a place to remember and respect all those who fought for our country. Lest we forget.

By Ashlie McIntosh, Year 9 McAuley